Taliesin John Charles-Lewis is the source of our power, and an old admin of the SDM Wiki.

Taliesin John Charles-Lewis
"Never forget me..."
Vital statistics
Position Former Wikia Admin
World Traveler
Master Assassin
Age 14 (alive)
106 (dead)
Status Unknown (alive)
Roaming the World (dead)
Physical attributes
Height 1.70m
Weight 181lbs

During his life, he had gained an incredible power which he found too hard to control, and had to seal it away for another person to find. No-one knows where he is today, he could be dead.


He was a well-respected member, a kid at heart, and just a nice person to be around.

He began his Wiki-going days in February 2013, as one of the people who saw the original Wiki fall. In April, he joined the SDM Wiki while it was under attack by vandals. He drove them off as best he could, which would lead to a better future later on.

In June, he became the hero who helped end the First Edit War, which also made him an administrator powers. By July, he became a top member, but all that would change in a month's time

In late August 2013, a unknown person had possessed him, leading to Tal shutting down his account, stopping him, at the cost of his powers.

As оf now, he's in hiding, with a small number believing him to be dead. His journal seems to confirm his death, as it states that he killed himself in 2105, 92 years in the future, though it appears that his ghost can has returned to the mortal realm.

In reality, he's retired from the Wiki, and has settled down to a peaceful life, though he desperately wishes to return.

Full List of InformationEdit

Name: Taliesin John Charles-Lewis

Country: Wales, United Kingdom, Europe, Earth, Dimension A

Species: Human-Demigod Hybrid

Known Ancestors: Marcus Junius Brutus, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Neodemus, James Charles

Exact Age: 14 years

Date of Birth: July 26th, 1999

Date of Death: September 6th, 2105 (Aged 106)

Ranks: Sky Army Lieutenant, Squid Army Private, Master Assassin

Affiliations: Sky Army, Squid Army, DustRebels, Assassin Order

Attire: Grey Hoodie, Jeans, Dark Grey T-Shirt, Black and White Sneakers, Red Cloak

Weapons: Hidden Blade, Golden Sword, T-Buster

Supernatural Powers: Changing Reality

Current Location: Unknown

Former Location: Overworld, Sector 4, Grid 11, Base 54

Final Journal EntryEdit

[There are patches of blood across the page.]

"September 6th, 2105.

92 .

It's been 92 years since I left the Wikia.

I've defeated my dark side, but I wasn't strong enought to fight the possession that brought me down in August. I'm sorry that I've failed you. But know that I miss you guys every day.

I used the last of my power to exorcise myself, but at a huge own life. Still, stabbing myself has managed to weaken Zeo long enough for you to kill him, so I think you guys'll be safe from now on.

As for me, the afterlife's calling. Once the clock hits midnight, I'll be dead. And when I die, make sure to bury me in the Butter Cemetery, under the finest butter you can find. And bury me with my hoodie, my sword, and my Hidden Blade.

Goodbye, you guys.

Never forget me..."

[...The rest of the page is blank.]


  • He's Welsh.
  • He has a rivalry with Zeodex, a well-known sockpuppeter.
  • He has been re-incarnated twice, once as the TF2 Freak Painis Cupcake, and the next as Jerry.
  • He is the creator of the EddsCraft Texture Pack, which can be found here. It has been on haitus since June 29th, but is currently back in development.

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